Mattress Singapore - A high quality mattress promotes deeper, more refreshing sleep by giving you better support, so it is very important to choose the right mattress. This website will help you make an informed choice to get the best mattress for you and your partner. We listing the most popular mattress brands and types available to buy in Singapore.

Sleeping can be one of the times when people can release their anxiety and exhaust from their daily activities. However, some people might get some problem on their sleep because of some reasons and one of those reasons is the mattress problem. The problematic of sleeping can be caused by wrong choosing mattress. in some cases, different types of mattress can give different effect on certain people.

Some types of mattress are globally sold nowadays. From those types, some of them have different effect on people regarding on the health and comfort. The most common mattress chosen by people is the innerspring mattress. people find the innerspring useful since it has coil spring enclosed individually from each other which helps mattress last longer and prevent the spring from popping out from the mattress. The innerspring mattress is good for those with back pain and overweight. The innerspring itself has firmer support for overweight people so that it is easier for them to get in or out from the bed. Aside from innerspring mattress, there is also memory foam mattress which is made of layers of different densities of foam so that it can respond on different weight and temperature. This mattress is built for comfort that it can contour to specific shape of body so that it makes the user feels comfortable. This type of mattress is very good for those who are in fatigue, muscle pain, or having hard time to feel comfortable in common mattress. However, this mattress has its own disadvantage. The memory foam mattress is a temperature sensitive mattress which easily getting hotter as a person keep molding and softening the mattress with body heat. This mattress also can emit an unpleasant smell out from it.

Other than innerspring and memory foam mattresses, some options to choose a good mattress can be found from latex mattress. This type of mattress can be made of either natural or synthetic rubber. It becomes one of the most popular types of mattress since its firm and supportive characteristics. Beside for its support and firm, latex mattress is also good for relieving back pain. For those who like to comfortable and supportive mattress, the latex mattress is the best choice for that. The next type is the air mattress. Air mattress has some benefit on it such as it is good for additional bed when a visitor comes to sleep over or just for a romantic situation with partners. In addition, air mattress is also good for those who have problem with spinal cord or those who are lying on bed in long time. It is also good for person who cannot move since it can be adjusted to help that person from skin breakdown.

In Singapore itself, there are some brands which are recommended in purchasing good type of mattress that fits to your sleep problem. Some brands like Simmons, Sealy, Serta, and also Spring Air is somehow well-known brands of mattress. Those brands can be found on Orchard Mall and some places nearby. However, those brands are quite expensive regarding on their quality.